Guann Yeong was established in 2001, is a factory which specialize in various product of fastener and high-precision turning parts including self-tapping screw, dry-wall screw, expansion screw, carriage screw, machine screw, bicycle screw, wood screw, U bolt, special screw and nut, blind nut, washers, buckle, hardware wrench…etc. , and owns the most complete development technique and quickly ability to provide product.

Currently, Guann Yeong is already the best factory which develops fastener in Taiwan, we depend on our strong development technique ability, and the perpendicular integration of manufacturing process, provide the omni-bearing development the manufacturing project of fastener and hardware product to satisfy the” centralized purchasing” need of customer.
In productivity, we own automatic cold-forging forming production line and automatic drilling & trapping production line and Japan CNC fixed-head & sliding-head
automatic lather production line, and well-found peripheral processes equipment, can provide different manufacturing process to forming. In the material, we can provide customer diverse material applications and surface treatment to choose, such as iron, stainless steel, alloy steel and copper and aluminum alloy etc.

ISO 9001:2015(CNS 12681)

The series product of fastener and turning parts developed by Guann Yeong is quite diversified, and is extensively applied in vapor-motorcycle, bicycle, machine, medical appliances, electronics, electrical machinery & electrical appliance, architecture, furniture, decoration, stationery, toy …etc. industry.

Currently, our productivity in a month is about 000 metric-tons, and manufacturing items are over tens of thousands, our fixed-stock controlled by computer is more than three months, so we own the absolute advantage of quality, efficiency, fast, competitive price.

In addition to extensive antenna of development and application, Guann Yeong also can especially produce custom-made and high-precision and special screw, nut, small screw, special hardware for customers, in order to solving the problem of customers. In the future, Guann Yeong will further actively enhance the ability to develop market and product, and combine the strategic alliance to fully satisfy the need in the field of fastener and precise metal parts of different customers.


                   A. Screw、Bolt、Hex-Flange Screw Multi-Stage Screw 、Special Screw

                   B. Nut、Beryunt、Washer & Buckle

                   C. CNC Turning Parts、Metal Special Parts     

                   D. Hex-Flange wrench、Bit set


The application is wide in the field of auto-motorcycle, bicycle, machine, medical appliances, electronics, communication, aerospace, electrical machinery & electrical appliance, architecture, sanitation, furniture, decoration, carpentry, stationery …etc., occupy an important position in the domestic market.

In the professional field of fastener and turning parts such as screw and nut, we devote to deepening and promote our technology ability, and create the superior-quality product to increase customer's satisfaction, and then make a show of our high- competitiveness in the market. We strive for becoming the most superior and international supplier, driving the enterprise “lasting management" development have been our constant principle and target of management. Consequently, there is a dimension to carry out that we attain: 

Research and innovate, Pursue outstanding

Diverse product, Preferential price

Quick respond, Quick delivery

The most superior quality, Prefect service

Strategic partner, Win-win situation


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